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  One day in a library, there is a student carrying a lot of books, when suddenly the books fell. Another student who was studying saw the student, and then try to help him.

Rio      : Do you need any help? Dinand: Yes, please! Rio      : There you go (while picking up the book), by the way my name is Rio, what's yours? Dinand: Thank you! My name is Dinand. Rio      : Nice to meet you Dinand! Dinand: Nice to meet you too! Rio      : What  kind of book do you read? Dinand: You know just Science and stuff. Rio      : Are you studying? Dinand: No, i just read cause i want to. Rio      : Do you like reading,  cause i only read when i need to study. Dinand: Yea, i think you should start reading more books, because sometimes books can teach us    more than the school can teach us. Rio      : Yea, maybe i will, do you have any recommendation? Dinand: I recommend all of this, you can start with this one. Rio      : This one, okay then. Dinand: Let's read together then.
Rio      : Okay.

Rio      : Hmm! …

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