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Dusun Bambu

Dusun Bambu is an ecotourism destination which is located in Lembang west of Bandung. Dusun Bambu usually called one stop travelling, which means we don't have to go anywhere again because we can do anything here. There are so many fun activities that you can do in this place, from outbond to culinary activities. The ticket is only Rp. 15.000, its very cheap.
This place is pretty big. Here you can find a big lake with a small round dock, around this lake there is several hut that we can rent. If you're hungry you can go to Cafe Burangrang or Pasar Khatulistiwa and enjoy the food there. You can spend your time with so many activites in here, such as camping, cycling, archery, and many more. 

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