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February 2018, Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri 3 Bandung held an education fair called EduPassion. The purpose of this fair is to introduce and give information about universities to the students. There are a lot of stand from different universities such as Unjani, STIE Ekuitas, UNPAR, UPI, UNPAD, and more.

   We student from SMAN 3 Bandung must collect information from different universities there, and that information is in a form of a video which will be posted on Youtube and our blog. We have to work in a group of 6 each class. My group went to UNPAD, STEI Ekuitas, Air Force Academy, UNPAR, and Unjani.

   For more information you can check our video/vlog below.

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Announcement Activity

Activity 1 Text 1
Elements of the Announcement Found/Not Found Details Opening Found “Hello Georgetown” Contents Found It’s about an opening of a new store with a better location and more wedding and party things. Closing Found
Bobby Fischer

Robert James Fischer  "Bobby Fischer" was a chess master, he is youngest player to win the U.S. Chess Championship at 14, and the first American-born player to win the World Chess Championship. He was the eleventh World Chess Champion. Many consider him to be the greates chess player of all time.
Chess Fischer first learned chess when he was 6. At 13, he won a "Brilliancy" that became known as "The Game of  Centurty". Fischer played in eight U.S. Championship, winning each by at least a one-point margin and eventually became the youngest international grand master at the age of 15. At age 20, Fischer won the 1963–64 U.S. Championship with 11/11, the only perfect score in the history of the tournament. In July 1971, he became the first official FIDE number one rated palyer. In 1972, he beat Boris Spassky on World Chess Championship of the USSR in a match held in Rekjavik. On the 20th anniversary of the famed Fischer/Spassky game, the two met ag…
The Food Of Hell From Indonesia

Famous as one of the best tropical countries, Indonesia provides tons of uniqueness and excitement. Its nature, culture, and art always bring millions of tourist each year. However, this time we are going to talk about one thing, Indonesia’s cuisine, in particular Sambal. Sambal or sambel is infamous among tourist as the food of hell for its undeniable ability to make the consumer produces tears and sweat when eating. Produced using chili as its main ingredient, sambal is indeed taste extremely spicy. In the Indonesian, there are as many as 300 varieties of sambal. These different types of sambal are from different region of Indonesia, such as Sambal Cibiuk from Cibiuk. Sambal is made by grinding ‘cabai’ or chili, along with several complements such as onion, cherry,  tomato, ‘terasi’, sugar, and salt. The ingredients are grinded using traditional tool made usually from wood or plastic. The texture is smooth with a vibrant color of green and red, depending …

Narwhal questions

1.What is narwhal conservation status?
A.Least concerned
C.Extinct in the wild

2.What is narwhal diet?
A.Arctic cod

3.What does “narwhal” mean?
A.Black whale
B.Flying whale
D.Corpse whale

4.What does narwhal tusk do?
A.To kill its prey
B.To stun its prey so they’re easy to consume
C.To fight with predator
D.To fly

5.How do narwhal communicate with each other?
A.Using “click” sound
B.Using “knock” sound
C.Using “whistle” sound
D.All of the above is right

Narwhal           The narwhal (Monodon monoceros), or narwhale, is a medium-sized toothed whale that possesses a large "tusk" from a protruding canine tooth. It lives year-round in the Arctic waters around Greenland, Canada, and Russia.            Each year, they migrate from bays into the ocean as summer comes. In the winter, the male narwhal’s occasionally dive up to 1,500 m (4,920 ft) in depth, with dives lasting up to 25 minutes. In winter, it feeds on benthic prey, mostly flatfish, under dense pack ice. During the summer, narwhals mostly eat Arctic cod and Greenland halibut, with other fish such as polar cod making up the remainder of their diet
Physical Appearance           Excluding the male's tusk, the total body size can range from 3.95 to 5.5 m (13 to 18 ft); the males are slightly larger than the females. The average weight of an adult narwhal is 800 to 1,600 kg (1,760 to 3,530 lb). Narwhals do not have a dorsal fin, and their neck vertebrae are jointed like those…

Dusun Bambu

Dusun Bambu is an ecotourism destination which is located in Lembang west of Bandung. Dusun Bambu usually called one stop travelling, which means we don't have to go anywhere again because we can do anything here. There are so many fun activities that you can do in this place, from outbond to culinary activities. The ticket is only Rp. 15.000, its very cheap.
This place is pretty big. Here you can find a big lake with a small round dock, around this lake there is several hut that we can rent. If you're hungry you can go to Cafe Burangrang or Pasar Khatulistiwa and enjoy the food there. You can spend your time with so many activites in here, such as camping, cycling, archery, and many more.